How you manage promotions
will make or break your CPG brand

Spreadsheets are not the way to do it.

Promomash helps emerging CPG brands dominate their promotions in stores and on the field with an unmatched software and services platform.

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One source of truth for all of your retail go-to-market activities.

Inefficient promotion and field marketing tactics can quickly drain bank accounts and sink brands. Promomash gives you the tools to take control of all levers across the entire promotion lifecycle and gain insights never before possible. Teams are more accountable, performance is more predictable, and you can finally give an exact answer to that age-old question: “What was the ROI on that last promotion?”

Our passion comes from living the CPG entrepreneur’s dream – and nightmare.

Learn about who we are, how we got here and why we’re different.

Our Story

How Promomash Helps Brands Win

Field & Event Marketing Management

Plan, staff, execute, and analyze in-house and agency-led field marketing: in-store demos, events, online activations, influencer programs and more.

Field Sales & Broker Management

Stay connected with your field rep and broker teams, get visibility into store visit details, and gain actionable performance insights.

Trade & Deduction Management

Plan and optimize Trade Promotions, Key Accounts and Independent Channels, and streamline settlements and deductions.

Brand Ambassador Recruiting & Training

Find the right ambassador talent to represent your brand, and train them online to tell your story and sell your products consistently.

The Secret Sauce:
Our CHAS Team

Even with the best software, there are endless considerations when it comes to executing, managing and analyzing your promotional program. Each brand’s needs are different. That’s where the Promomash Client Happiness and Success (CHAS) team comes in. They’ll help get your program going, offer best practices, and just plain get things done as an extension of your team.


The Proof

“I can't say enough about how well Promomash helped us launch, train demo staff and scale our field marketing program. Also made payroll much easier to manage and recruiting of new brand ambassadors more manageable.”

"The promotions platform has truly revolutionized the way our broker teams interact with the promotions process, and our managers are easily able to quickly review and just keeps getting better and better."

“Promomash is very user friendly, organized and provides everything I need to manage demo reps, track and analyze their progress, maintain their records, and keep them up to date on FAQ's, new products, or ongoing training.”


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Agencies & Brokers

Manage one, two, or your entire portfolio of clients all from within Promomash – with the tools you need to analyze and optimize results.


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