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Over 80% of new store brands fail at the shelf.
Building a successful brand in stores begins with strategic organization of all the moving pieces – the logistics, the processes, and the people who make it all happen.
If you don’t have a handle on any of these areas, you’re doomed before you start.
Brands that follow the status quo are set up to fail, literally. We should know – we were one of them.
We created Promomash to solve this exact problem with a solution that brings together the best technology and out-of-this-world, award-winning service.
How Promomash Helps You
Win in Retail
Field Marketing Management
In-Store Demo and Events Management
  • Find, manage, pay and train Brand Ambassadors and field staff
  • Organize, execute and track hundreds to thousands of events per year
  • Gain true visibility into the lift and ROI of your field programs
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Field Sales Management
Trade Promotion Management
  • Plan, budget, allocate and track promotional spend
  • Increase productivity of brokers and reps
  • Manage all promotions, co-ops and events from one calendar view
  • Analyze performance and make data-driven management decisions
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Your Success is Everything to Us

Anyone can say your success is important – but we truly live it. Making our clients successful is at the heart of everything we do. Just ask any of the hundreds of brands who use Promomash to realize the full potential of their in-person marketing.

“The absolute cream of the crop”
“The Promomash Client Success team is the absolute cream of the crop! I really appreciate all of the support and helpful tools you have available on the platform.”
“Your customer service is THE best I’ve ever experienced”
“I absolutely love Promomash! I’m so glad our VP found this product. Your customer service is THE best I’ve ever experienced. Other companies just send you to their helpline. You actually take the time with training and that’s amazing to me.”
“I love the analytics”
“I love the analytics from Promomash. It helps my Brand Ambassadors be able to see what’s selling for each of them and what’s not and we can figure out why. That’s invaluable feedback for me.”
“Really find out how your dollars are being spent”
“Promomash allows you to have visibility to your Brand Ambassadors in the market. You can really understand what you’re doing from an execution level at a 30,000 foot view and down to the details to really find out how your dollars are being spent. It’s a great tool.”
“Our demo program is profitable”
“If you’re interested in doubling your demo program or making your demo program profitable, you need to go to Promomash and nowhere else. They have the call center, the support, the ease of accounting. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Our demo program is profitable. Period.”
“I can create projections for next year”
“I’m so grateful that I’m able to utilize Promomash analytics to create projections for next year. In all seriousness your team is so great to work with and I really appreciate your dedication to helping us be effective!”
“It’s a one stop shop”
“Our favorite thing is that it’s a one stop shop for all of our marketing rather than having things living in different spreadsheets and documents. We absolutely love Promomash.”
Created by people who have
walked a mile in your shoes

We get you. We’re recovering CPG entrepreneurs who want to help growing brands make it in retail. Let’s explore how we can turn your programs into measurable profit generators!