Turn your in-person marketing into a profit-making machine.

No more managing field events, demos and activations using spreadsheets and gut instincts. Promomash saves your team tons of time and provides insights that enable growth.

Great brands are masters of in-person consumer engagements.
Nothing builds great brands like great experiences.
The most successful consumer brands create those experiences in a scalable way – consistently, efficiently, and profitably.

Brand Managers

Plan and organize your field program so that it practically runs itself.

Once you’ve set up your program in Promomash with the guidance of our Success team, you’ll never want to see another spreadsheet or paper form again.

See how Promomash helps Brand Managers.

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See your entire program at a glance – whether it’s 100 or 1000 events per month – by organizing it the way it works best for your business.
Leverage our community of brand ambassadors who already know and use Promomash to staff your events and demos quickly and efficiently.
Ensure your field staff and brand ambassadors speak the language of your brand fluently and consistently with a built-in, customizable training experience.
Need to schedule in bulk? No problem. Need to fill a bunch of shifts? Easy. Whatever your scheduling challenge, we’ve reduced it down to a couple of clicks.
Never again wonder whether an event occurred. Promomash keeps everyone accountable – from dashboard notifications and BA mobile check-ins to report due reminders.
When it’s all said and done, BA expense approvals and payments are a breeze. Let’s just say your accounting department will love Promomash.

Brand Executives

Make in-person marketing a powerful, data-driven part of your marketing mix.

Promomash captures and analyzes every significant piece of data about your program. Before you know it, you’re growing your brand’s reach and sales by making better-informed decisions each time.

See how Promomash helps Brand Execs.

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Customizable questions allow you to capture the most significant data per event, while automatically generated Event Overviews summarize results in beautiful, digestible graphs.
Know right away what’s working and what’s not across your program with dashboard insights that help you make decisions on staff, venue, and other factors contributing to sales.
By adding SPINS, you’ll be able to correlate in-store marketing decisions with actual store sales data from the top consumer insights provider for the natural products industry.

We take your success seriously.

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