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Painless Deduction Management
for Emerging CPG Brands

Maximize receivables and minimize hassles with turnkey Deduction Management services.

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Your brand’s presence is growing in retail stores and that's awesome! But there’s a catch.

With more distribution and sales comes more deductions taken by retailers and distributors, resulting in increasingly less-than-expected profits.

If you are like most emerging brands, you don’t have the time, resources or money to organize, research, and dispute hundreds of deductions. This can be frustrating when so much of your profit is at stake.

But here’s the good news: you don’t have to sit there and take it anymore.


Did you know that as much as 25% of deductions are invalid or preventable?

That’s right – you could be losing up to a quarter or even more of your deductions unnecessarily. In our FREE 26-page guide, "How to Manage Deductions So They Don’t Kill Your Business", we break down why deductions happen, why you need a process, and provide some guidance on best practices and next steps to help you get started based on your business' needs.

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Promomash deduction management

A Quick Overview

Our Turnkey Deduction Management Process

1. Digitize

The process begins when you send us all your deduction chargebacks/invoices. We’ll convert them into a structured data set, digitize all invoices and categorize each deduction to provide valuable insights on the reasons for the charges.

2. Validate

Once all deductions are digitized and categorized, the fun begins! You’ll have an extension of your team researching claims to determine their validity. We compare the deductions to all relevant documentation you provide and report back what’s valid, invalid, or needs more information.

3. Dispute

After all claims are reviewed for validity, your Promomash team then begins to dispute the invalid claims and submit requests for repayment on your behalf.

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Save Time and Money

Identify spending at
indirect customers
Eliminate profit
Improve margin
Settle deductions
Prevent future
Reduce balance
sheet accruals

Backed by Our Award-Winning
Client Success Team


2-4 weeks


1-2 month

On-going success

Deduction management is a complex activity that takes structured and close collaboration for success.

No one else understands structure, collaboration and success like the Promomash Client Success Team. We will work with you from the beginning to set up a strong foundation, process and cadence to ensure you get the maximum return on your trade investment.

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