Deduction Management & Settlement for CPG Brands

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With DeductionGenius, you'll save your accounting team endless hours of administrative work, recover more invalid deductions, and gain deep trade spend analytics your entire business can leverage.

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Deductions are a Harry Beast…
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What are deductions?Deductions are those annoying fees and chargebacks you see in check payments or invoices from your customers. They may seem manageable at first, but as you gain more doors, the number of deductions will grow exponentially.

Not only is it overwhelming to keep track of deductions, but unmanaged deductions mean zero visibility into where your trade spend is going.

If you're like most brands in retail, trade spend is your second largest expense. You need to be ready with a process and strategy to handle deductions as you grow. That's where DeductionGenius comes in.

New Name, Same Industry-Leading Deduction Management Service


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How it Works


Send us all your deduction chargebacks, checks and invoices. We'll digitize it all and convert it into a structured data set.


Next, we categorize each deduction to provide valuable insights on the reasons for the charges using our proprietary catalog of category codes that spans all major retailers and distributors.


Once deductions are categorized, your DeductionGenius team will research claims to determine their validity. We compare deductions to all relevant documentation you provide and report back what's valid, invalid, or needs more information.

Dispute & Recover

After all claims are reviewed for validity, your DeductionGenius team then begins to dispute the invalid claims and submit requests for repayment on your behalf.

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Save Time & Money with

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See spend with all customers - even indirect ones

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Identify invalid deductions & profit leakage

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Cut unnecessary spend & improve margin

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Know how much is being spent by category

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Know which customers are consuming the most spend

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Recover more invalid deductions

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Eliminate endless admin work & hassle

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Settle deductions & close books faster

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Reduce balance sheet accruals

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Onboarding for

Deduction management is a complex activity that takes structured and close collaboration for success. We'll make it as easy as possible for you with a dedicated Relationship Manager from Day 1, a structured cadence for meetings and check-ins, and a comprehensive onboarding task list in the platform.

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With CPGenius,
it's all connected.

DeductionGenius is an important and tightly connected part of the CPGenius™ Trade Management System. See how deduction data flows into CPGenius to provide a complete picture of all trade spend and trade promotion performance.

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