Designed to turn chaos into calm.

In-person marketing used to be chaotic. Promomash makes it easy to stay organized with the most full-featured, user-friendly platform in the industry.

Powerful Scheduling

There are multiple ways to create and staff events in Promomash – all in just a few clicks.

Managers can create events individually or in bulk – or have Brand Ambassadors (BAs) schedule their own events.

Create events by a date range.

Set up open schedules across multiple events, venues and shifts all in one screen – then invite your BA pool to fill them.

Field Training Module

Add your own brand compliance or product training courses to Promomash for BAs and field staff.

Ensure your brand is represented well at field events, in-store demos and activations.

Easily track and reward completion of your courses.

Reporting & Analytics

Promomash reporting eliminates the mystery around how in-person marketing programs are performing and contributing to sales.

Analyze data over time to reveal the best-performing events and factors (BAs, products, venues, and more) that contribute to sales.

Customizable Post-event Reports enable your BAs to collect detailed data that matters to the health of your program.

Manage and package event photos easily for reporting and social media posting.

Optional integration with POS data via SPINS and Destini ties it all together to provide a real picture of ROI and sales lift.

Easy Accounting

Promomash makes it simple for your accounting department to reimburse and pay BAs and field staff.

Full review and approvals process.

Easily receive, organize and group BA expenses for payment.

Easy access to complete expense history.

Customized reporting and summaries for easier accounting.

Administrative Features

There are multiple ways to create and staff events in Promomash – all in just a few clicks.

Flexible Rights Management

Configure Promomash access rights to the specifications of your program, including territories, team structure, regions and more.

Required Docs Management

  • Easily store, organize and manage required employee and contractor documentation.
  • Simplify and ensure employee compliance.

Consulting & Services

Behind all these features are a team of experts ready to guide you through the journey of taking your in-person marketing to the next level. Here are just a couple of ways we go that extra mile for our clients.

Staffing Assistance

Finding the right people to represent your brand is a big challenge – by leveraging our ecosystem of pre-qualified talent, you’ve won half the battle.

Executive Reporting, Consulting & Business Reviews

Periodic deep-dive reviews of your data reveal advanced analytics and insights for a more strategic discussion about your program.