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Get real-time visibility into what’s happening with customers – while your team gets more time back to focus on the best opportunities.

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Let’s face it: Field Sales is perhaps the toughest job in the CPG universe – especially if you’re a smaller or emerging brand with less resources than the Big Guys.


If you’re a CPG field sales manager, you need to know what’s going on across your distribution territory at a level of detail that’s almost impossible to capture without further reducing your team’s selling time. Meanwhile, your field sales team and/or brokers are simply trying to juggle too many non-revenue-generating activities and reporting requests while still meeting sales targets.

Promomash solves this dilemma with an easy-to-use platform that allows managers to manage efficiently and plan strategically –

while giving salespeople and brokers a way to track activity and stay connected on-the-go without the extra effort.


What you and your team can do with
Promomash Field Sales Management

field salesperson
field sales manager

Schedule field activities:

  • Store visits
  • Routes
  • In-store demos
  • Merchandising visits
  • Other events

Internal communication and collaboration

Create promotions

Set rights and roles and delegate authority

Project profitability for promotions

Create sales and marketing activity reports

Compare planned vs. actual field sales performance

With detailed field sales activity data and a closed-loop process, the possibilities are endless...

Leverage customer-specific insights to negotiate better deals

Optimize retail execution over time at key customers

Uncover new areas of opportunity within your market

Coach your team strategically with rep-level performance metrics

Facilitate alignment with marketing and other key departments

Provide visibility and top-level insights to executive management

And more!

Field Sales Management for CPG

The one source of truth for more than field sales.

With Promomash, go beyond Field Sales Management to include other crucial areas of your brand’s retail business and go-to-market strategy.

Field Marketing Management

Meticulously manage every aspect of your direct-to-shopper marketing activities and engagements, whether they happen in-store, on the street or online.

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Trade Promotion Management

Take management of key accounts and national-level promotions to another level – and gainthe visibility you need to maximize the profitability of your promotions.

learn more

Deduction Management

Uncover data and insights you never thought possible – and recover invalid chargebacks that chip away at your profits – with a managed, end-to-end process.

learn more


A whole team to support your success.

Our CHAS (Client Happiness and Success) team takes you the extra mile and beyond to success. Serving as an extension of your team, they will identify and fill all the gaps in your process. See why this special team makes Promomash stand out in the industry.

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Made to Scale With Your Growth

Promomash Field Marketing Management subscription plans are designed to fit your needs and budget now, and are flexible enough to grow with you.

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Hundreds of happy brand clients can’t be wrong.

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