Train your reps elevate your brand.

Full featured online training and certification - seamlessly integrated with Promomash.

Effective branding requires consistency.
Every part of your organization that touches your potential customers should be aligned on a clear and consistent message. Improving the quality of your representation is the surest way to elevate your brand awareness and profitability.
Providing adequate training can be the biggest factor between success or failure.

What if you could provide your brand ambassadors and staff with flexible online training customized to your brand?

Training and maintaining a team of brand ambassadors can be costly. Incorporating a cost-effective, on-demand and online learning center can mitigate much of these expenses and reduce the time to train. Are you willing to sacrifice your program for lack of training?

Who benefits from the Promomash Learning Center?

Brand Ambassadors

BAs are the single largest factor in demo and event ROI. A great BA can be the difference between a net negative ROI and a 500% ROI. And the difference between a regular BA and a great BA is training.

Brokers/Sales Reps

Your field teams, brokers and sales reps ARE the front lines to your direct customers.

Internal Staff

When your company is small, your representatives know everything there is about the product. When you scale and grow however, you need to have a scalable way to ensure that the new people representing your company can do so competently and consistently.

Why the Promomash Learning Center?

  • Easily accessible web interface
  • Create custom courses based on your own brand and products
  • Leverage industry-relevant prepackaged courses
  • Assessments, quizzes, tests and surveys
  • Results reporting and in-depth analytics
  • Organize training materials, product content, and more all in one location
  • Completion and competence certifications
  • Multiple, private channels allow controlled access to training


Ensure impactful, consistent representation of your brand
Easily maintain current product knowledge across teams
Keep your confidential company information secure
Integrates seamlessly with your existing Promomash account
Train anywhere, anytime, on demand
Significantly reduces onboarding and training time