We've made the mistakes so other CPG brands don't have to.

Founded by a recovering CPG founder, we know how challenging it can be to run a business in this industry. That's why our mission is to help brands avoid the same fate and succeed on their own terms.

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Our Story

One brand's loss becomes every brand's win.

Once upon a time in 2006, a guy named Yuval and his wife Alla had a big dream. They launched a skin care brand called L'uvalla - one of the first organic skin care lines to hit the market. Growth came quickly, and with an army of hired brokers they were able to expand into nine regions of Whole Foods in less than two years.

Then almost as quickly as success came, it was gone.

Watch the video to get the full story and how it all led to the birth of Promomash.

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The Promomash Journey

Since 2015, we've been trusted by hundreds of brands to help them promote and manage their CPG business better.

Yuval and Chris

Yuval Selik and Chris Ambarian become partners; together, they introduce the Promomash concept to brands at Natural Products Expo West.

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Promomash officially launches, with an initial focus on sampling and demo event management.

Promomash from 2017


Promomash is the leading sampling and demo management software and service with over 200 clients and 300% YoY growth.



Development begins on a Trade Promotion Management solution designed just for emerging brands.

Promomash for Trade


Promomash for Trade v1.0 is released to a limited list of clients on beta; development begins on a solution to another critical problem for emerging CPG brands: deduction management.

Promomash Deduction Management Service


The pandemic shuts down in-store demos and sampling; Promomash Deduction Management Service launches later that year.

Trade Promotion and Deduction Management


Sampling starts to return, and Promomash reintroduces itself with expanded Trade Promotion and Deduction Management software and services.

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Promomash partners with Crisp to integrate daily sales data into Promomash reporting & analytics. This marks a first for the industry, enabling real-time plan vs actual trade performance analysis.



Promomash rebrands its entire solution portfolio to CPGenius™ with a closed-loop trade management solution not available elsewhere in the CPG industry.

Supporting entrepreneurs in CPG & beyond with

If there's anything Yuval knows well, it's the entrepreneurial roller-coaster. After years of struggling to burn the candles at both ends, Yuval had an epiphany that would lead to a re-assessing and rebalancing of his life. Ultimately, he transformed his own lifestyle to obtain and maintain life fulfillment while building a business.

Through The 7 Hats Podcast, launched in 2021, Yuval shares his experiences and learnings while featuring an impressive roster of guests from the CPG industry and beyond. Feel like a little inspiration and entrepreneurial motivation? Check out all episodes below - or see which fellow CPG founders have been featured so far.

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The Founders

Yuval Selik&
Chris Ambarian

Image of founders Yuval and Chris

Dynamic Duo. Odd Couple. Yin and Yang.

Yuval Selik and Chris Ambarian are two very different personalities that somehow just work better - together. One day the pair met through their wives. Then after a few evenings smoking cigars in Chris' backyard cabana in Pasadena, an unexpected and epic business partnership began.

Yuval had this crazy idea for a business based on his struggles in CPG - the third such idea for this banker by day and serial entrepreneur by night. And Chris - a successful 30+ year engineer-turned-marketing executive looking at early retirement - was listening. The vision that became Promomash began to develop - and two strangers became lifelong friends and business partners.

The Promomash

Taking on the biggest industry in the world and saying you can make it better is pretty audacious.

We knew that to do this we were going to have to assemble an extraordinary team. We also knew that it would be a lot of work. But we didn't want all that work to suck. So right from the beginning, we always believed culture would have to be a guiding factor in every decision.

Girls of Promomash

Guiding Principles

The Promomash Constitution

The Promomash Constitution is a document each new employee – a.k.a. Promomasher – must read and agree to. It's a constant reminder of the values we share, what we expect, and what makes Promomash such a special place to work.

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Freedom and Responsibility

We've been a 100% remote company since Day 1. Our team members have the freedom to work whenever, wherever, knowing it's the results that matter.

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Respect and Appreciation

People come first, and how our people are treated - and treat each other - is the heart of our culture.

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Make a Positive Impact

Our core purpose is to lift CPG brands, the industries in which they do business and the people that work in those businesses.

What We Look for in Promomashers

Our Values

team members
  1. Users of Good Judgement
  2. Excellent Communicators
  3. Impact Makers
  4. Always Curious
  5. Innovators
  6. Courageous
  7. Passionate
  8. Honest
  9. Selfless

Working at Promomash

Interested in joining us? Email your resume with a cover letter to career@promomash.com

Aside from a great work environment, we offer competitive compensation and health care benefits for US-based employees. We're always looking for great minds with past experience in the CPG industry and knowledge in these areas:

  • Trade promotion management
  • Deduction management

Let's make C.P.G.
better together.

Find the way to better C.P.G. (cash flow, profitability, and growth) with CPGenius by Promomash.

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