The Promomash Story

How we came to care so much about your success.

This video will show you what we’re all about…

Once upon a time, a lovely couple had a dream to launch a luxury organic skin care line. So they did, and they quickly gained retail distribution. But, like many new brands coming to market and finding their way onto retailers’ shelves, they were spending a lot of money with little to no return.

In-store demos were expensive, disorganized and hard to measure. Investments in trade promotions were not fruitful. Merchandising efforts were all over the place. Everything was tracked in a complex web of spreadsheets. And knowing their ROI? Forget about it.

Then one day…one of the partners had an epiphany. Why isn’t there a solution out there for a growing brand to manage their retail marketing better? To keep track of all those moving pieces – people, processes, reporting? All in one place, and easy to use? Surely, there had to be a better way.

And so, Promomash was born.

What started as one brand’s dream turned into a marketing and ROI management solution to help all brands make their dreams reality. That’s why today, there’s nothing we love more than to make brands successful at retail. It’s in our DNA and will always continue to be.

Our Philosophy

We Believe…

That brands and agencies can do retail marketing much better, and we are the one company in the world that’s best positioned to help them make it happen.

That executives who know their ROI and performance data can manage their teams, budgets and brands better.

That the best solutions for field and retail marketing must have the 4 E’s: Easy, Excellent, Effective, and Efficient.

That community creates opportunity. It should be easy for great brands and great ambassadors to find each other.

It should be easier for brand ambassadors to deliver excellent events, every time, and we can help them do it.

And We Believe that Our Responsibility to Our Clients is…

To give back several times the value they pay us.

To always be committed to their marketing and business success, and

To cheerfully support them in the process