Success is No Accident

From the moment you decide to partner with Promomash, you’ll be surrounded with a team of success and support superheroes who are dedicated to pursue greatness with you - we call them our CHAS (Client Happiness and Success team).

Setting You Up for Success from Day 1

The day you join Promomash:
  • We’ll send you a thorough onboarding survey (critical to setting you up for success)
  • We’ll arrange your first onboarding meeting
  • We’ll assign your Client Success Manager (CSM) – your champion at Promomash who makes sure everything you need is handled quickly and efficiently
During onboarding:
  • You’ll have 3-6 in depth training sessions (depending on your subscription plan)
  • Your CSM will guide you and your users to ensure everyone is transitioning smoothly into using Promomash
And thereafter:
  • You’ll have access to 24x7 support (and we mean 24x7)
  • You’ll have access to our online knowledge base (chock full of articles and videos to guide you through all features and functionality at your convenience)
  • We’ll send you regular tips and tricks to help you maximize your use of Promomash
“The absolute cream of the crop”
“The Promomash Client Success team is the absolute cream of the crop! I really appreciate all of the support and helpful tools you have available on the platform.”
“Your customer service is THE best I’ve ever experienced”
“I absolutely love Promomash! I’m so glad our VP found this product. Your customer service is THE best I’ve ever experienced. Other companies just send you to their helpline. You actually take the time with training and that’s amazing to me.”
“I love the analytics”
“I love the analytics from Promomash. It helps my Brand Ambassadors be able to see what’s selling for each of them and what’s not and we can figure out why. That’s invaluable feedback for me.”
“Really find out how your dollars are being spent”
“Promomash allows you to have visibility to your Brand Ambassadors in the market. You can really understand what you’re doing from an execution level at a 30,000 foot view and down to the details to really find out how your dollars are being spent. It’s a great tool.”
“Our demo program is profitable”
“If you’re interested in doubling your demo program or making your demo program profitable, you need to go to Promomash and nowhere else. They have the call center, the support, the ease of accounting. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Our demo program is profitable. Period.”
“I can create projections for next year”
“I’m so grateful that I’m able to utilize Promomash analytics to create projections for next year. In all seriousness your team is so great to work with and I really appreciate your dedication to helping us be effective!”
“It’s a one stop shop”
“Our favorite thing is that it’s a one stop shop for all of our marketing rather than having things living in different spreadsheets and documents. We absolutely love Promomash.”

Watch what our clients say about us:

We care so much about our clients' success that we won an award for it

Making our clients successful already brings us joy…but it’s extra joyous when others notice. Read more about our CX Champion Award here.

24/7 Support

In addition to your Success Manager, you will have access to a 24/7 support team who works round the clock to ensure you have everything you need to be successful.
A library full of Help Docs and system tutorial videos
Blogs and industry content
Bi-weekly email tips on different ways to use our system
Immediate updates when new features or changes have occurred in our system

“Thanks for such a great solution!”

“We have absolutely loved working with Promomash! The team is extremely responsive, helpful, smart, flexible, and quick with turnaround times. Thanks for such a great solution!”