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Trade and Deduction Management

Make trade promotion costs predictable
without spending a fortune.

Promomash Trade Promotion Management and Deduction Management services give you the granularity you need on trade costs and profitability over time – so you can continuously optimize and improve results.

It’s the elephant in the room…

The biggest, most obvious challenge for CPG brands in stores – but also the most difficult to budge. We’re talking about the extremely high and often unpredictable cost that comes with retail: trade promotions. For Big CPG, it’s just another day at the office. But for all other startup and emerging brands, not being able to see what’s behind these expenses can easily cost them their shelf space and business.

Over 70% of promotions are not effective and over 80% of brands will fail while promoting at the shelf.

Promomash tackles trade challenges head-on so emerging brands have a better chance at success.

In the past, a solution for this problem meant spending upwards of six or seven figures – which is not an option for most brands. Now there’s a solution specifically designed for the needs of CPG startup and emerging brands.

what's possible with

Promomash Trade and Deduction Management

Trade Promotion Management

  • Plan and build promotions from end-to-end with any combination of tactics
  • Forecast costs down to every minute detail
  • See your entire program in one promotion calendar view, including field marketing activities managed in Promomash
  • Track actual results vs budget as cost and sales data comes in
  • Perform post-mortem analysis with a suite of reports
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Deduction Management

  • Outsource your biggest headache when it comes to trade management
  • Have a dedicated team of pros entering, validating and categorizing deductions
  • Analyze the true cost and ROI of your promotions and trade activities over time
  • Recover invalid deductions and chargebacks chipping away at profits
  • Free up your team for other more strategic activities
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Trade Promotion Management for Startup CPG & Emerging Brands


Our partnership and native integration with Crisp means that you can now go beyond planning your promotions in Promomash to see promotion plan vs actual performance – all in one place, with no extra effort. Now included with eligible Field Marketing Management and Trade Promotion Management plans.*

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* Includes up to three connectors.

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4 Signs That You Need to Move Beyond Spreadsheets to Manage Your Trade Spending

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One single source of truth to manage all retail
go-to-market activities.

Trade Promotion Management and Deduction Management Services are the bookends of a complete go-to-market lifecycle – consisting of people, data and processes – and Promomash allows you to manage it all seamlessly. Learn more about the other major pieces of this system.

Field Marketing Management

Meticulously manage every aspect of your direct-to-shopper marketing activities and engagements, whether they happen in-store, on the street or online.

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Field Sales Management

Know what’s going on with your retail and distribution customers, plan visits strategically across your territory, and make it effortless for your team to track their activity while out on the field.

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A whole team to support your success.

Our CHAS (Client Happiness and Success) team takes you the extra mile and beyond to success. Serving as an extension of your team, they will identify and fill all the gaps in your process. See why this special team makes Promomash stand out in the industry.

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Made to Scale With Your Growth

Promomash Field Marketing Management subscription plans are designed to fit your needs and budget now, and are flexible enough to grow with you.

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Hundreds of happy brand clients can’t be wrong.

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