Affordable Trade
Promotion Management
for Emerging Brands

Manage one of your largest expenses proactively - and profit from your retail promotions.

Find Out How
According to Nielsen, 7 out of 10 trade promotions are ineffective and/or unprofitable.

For most brands, trade spending is the 2nd-largest expense on the P&L, and the greatest single opportunity to positively impact the company’s bottom line. However, most brand executives are flying blind on trade.

What brands need is real-time, proactive, actionable insights that drive better decisions about trade spend and ultimately improve sales. This is what Promomash For Trade delivers.


Multi-level Activity Planning
Rules and Guardrails
Workflow Management
Document / Image Repository
Collaboration / Messaging
Approval Management

Purpose-Built to Work Smarter and
Improve Your Bottom Line

Promomash values purpose over complexity. As we’ve proven with our industry-leading in-store marketing platform, we understand the complex work field teams do, and we work tirelessly to make their lives easier while improving their productivity.
Powerful rules and workflow management help you and your team automatically work better.
Planning and goal setting features are seamlessly integrated with workflows and reporting and analytics to keep everyone abreast of how they are doing.
Promotion calendaring tools provide unprecedented coordination of your sales and marketing activities.

Why Traditional TPx Doesn’t Work
for Emerging Brands

Traditional TPx solutions don’t do a thing to help ensure that sales reps and brokers are choosing the right promotions, at the right place and time, and then managing the execution for maximum lift and contribution to the brand’s bottom line. Other issues typical to traditional solutions:
Performance data is not available until weeks, months, or quarters after promotions.
Deep industry knowledge and power user abilities are required to extract useful insights.
The cost of the platform (and support team needed) puts it out of reach for emerging brands
REACTIVE - Focused on after-the-fact, post-promotion bookkeeping (deduction management)
COMPLEX - Clunky, glorified accounting software, OR cumbersome, error-prone Excel spreadsheets
EXPENSIVE - Priced for mainstream, enterprise brands and conglomerates
PROACTIVE - A holistic approach to managing all the pieces of trade promotion management (promotion activities, workflows, collaboration and coordinated marketing)
EASY - A beautiful, easy-to-use platform for ALL users, not just analysts and power users
AFFORDABLE - Entry-point pricing that makes great economic sense and allows brands to grow with the solution

A Better Solution for Today,
And Much More On the Way.

Today’s Promomash solution for trade already breaks new ground in field sales productivity – and we are just getting started. We have a rich, patent-pending roadmap of sales-enhancing features that will keep you at the cutting edge of field sales competitiveness for years to come.