TPM that can handle your entire revenue-generating business.
That's TradeGenius.

With TradeGenius, you manage the profitability of not only trade promotions, but all of your revenue-generating activities - in one integrated platform.

Keeping trade spend under control is the key to survival. Optimizing it for profitability is the key to growth and success.

To optimize trade spend and really understand what's going on in your business, you need a level of detail and granularity even the most complex spreadsheets can't give you. Is that high-performing customer really draining your margins? Is your biggest path to profitability hidden in your product mix? With TradeGenius, you're armed with the analytics to identify those subtle red flags and opportunities.

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Annual trade planning simplified in one place.

Meticulously detail your account plans, including products in distribution, promotions, and contracts. Lock your plan with a projected forecast and budget - then track it against actual results and adjust as needed.

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Better promo modeling = better promo decisions.

The trade promotion management capabilities in TradeGenius arm your brand with the tools you need to stay ahead. From the streamlined calendar view to detailed profitability modeling, it will transform how you do trade.

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Know your profit & loss by customer, promotion and more.

No more hours fishing through data to answer that simple question: “Am I losing money on XYZ?” With the real-time P&L analysis capability in TradeGenius, you can analyze profit & loss by customer, product or promotion for promoted and non-promoted business.

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Track actual performance daily with Crisp sales data.

Gone are the days of waiting 30+ days to see progress against plan and make important decisions. Our exclusive Crisp integration connects your customer sales and shipment data right into TradeGenius analytics and reporting.

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Supercharge trade spend analysis with integrated deduction management

Outsource your biggest headache when it comes to trade - deduction management - and gain a wealth of insights while you’re at it. See how done-for-you deduction management from Promomash can tame that hairy beast (or Harry, as we call him) and recover real dollars back to your bank account.

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for Success

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Getting started with TradeGenius trade promotion management and revenue growth management is a complex activity that takes structured and close collaboration for success. We'll make it as easy as possible for you with a dedicated Relationship Manager from Day 1, a structured cadence for meetings and check-ins, and a comprehensive onboarding task list in the platform.

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With CPGenius,
it's all connected.

TradeGenius is the heart and soul of the CPGenius™ Trade Management System. See how all of your trade activity and data flows into CPGenius together with spend and deduction data to provide a complete picture of your revenue-generating business.

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Find the way to better C.P.G. (cash flow, profitability, and growth) with CPGenius by Promomash.

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